Why Attend?

Why attend?  Well, that’s a Great Question, deserving a Great Answer.

Semiofest offers Semiotics practitioners an opportunity to meet – and learn from – others involved in similar work.

  • For communications agency professionals, Semiofest is an opportunity to get exposed to new ways of thinking about brand communications – and some dynamic and differentiating solutions to brand problems and briefing in their agencies.
  • For academics, Semiofest represents a critical interchange with a business group that values their work and their input on its application.
  • For students, Semiofest offers a “walk on the bridge” between what might be an academic interest and some potential career paths.
  • And – for everyone – the world in 2017 needs more semiotics!  Semiotics is the meta discipline that links all the meaning-generating creative pursuits and the pursuits that analyse them. Only semiotics can engage with meaning across colour, typography, form, language, music – across every medium.  Semiotics helps us understand a more confusing digital environment characterized by more speed, clutter, unpredictability, distraction and fragmented by all sorts of ideologies.

But Hey – don’t just take it from us; click the video below to hear what last year’s attendees had to say about their experiences!