Rick Wolfe, Panel Moderator

I am the developer of the Kitchen Table Conversation model of group process. Practitioners use KTCs for UX, innovation, insight discovery, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, customer dialogue, change management, brand development, think tanks and service design.

Clients have come from a wide range of sectors: Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Legal, Consulting, Public Sector, Universities, Arts Institutions. Marketers, Operations Executives, Finance Teams, Sales Teams, Consulting Teams, Executive Boards and other groups have all been users.

With Lisa Francis-Jennings I have written a chapter about KTC’s that was included in Complexity Unravelled, available on Amazon.

Client programs take me frequently to London, across North America, to Tokyo, and other global cities.

I always rely on conversation in my engagements and train facilitators and consultants in the practice of conversation. It is a happy paradox that rambunctious, heartfelt conversation becomes agile, consistent, repeatable, reliable and highly valid when guided by a few of the most simple rules imaginable, .

The Kitchen Table Conversation approach has a track record that extends over twenty years.

What I like about conversation is that it always allows participants to be themselves and contribute in their way. Why add stress to a creative process by asking people to learn my approach? Why get in the way of the flow of ideas and cheerful debate by insisting that unfamiliar steps be followed?

We have now used KTCs on four continents, with many cultures. We have never found a culture that had any trouble instantly engaging effectively in a kitchen table conversation.

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