Eva Woyzbun

Eva is an Assistant Professor (LTF) at Ryerson University’s School of Professional Communication. Her teaching focuses on intercultural communication, social media, and professional communication skills. Eva earned her BA from the University of Toronto in Semiotics and Communication, and her MA in Communication and Culture from York University. In 2013 she received her doctoral degree from Ryerson University in the Joint Programme in Communication and Culture. Her doctoral research investigated the “afterlives” of digital technology; specifically, she looked at the ways in which digital materials become problematic or reinvigorated at the end of their useful life when they are transformed into either museum artifacts, e-waste, or nostalgic mementos. Eva’s current research extends this project and examines the ways in which visual media can bring greater awareness to the detriments of e-waste. She is currently working on a project interrogating the notion of “home” and how the digitally enhanced smart-home depends on its antipode – the e-waste home in a salvaging community in the developing world. Such e-waste homes are in fact made of discarded hardware, immersed in the process of e-waste salvaging, and represent the abject underbelly of a digital world. She is also working on a project which investigates the power of “cute” animals in social media-based environmental activism campaigns.

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