Kristian Bankov

Kristian Bankov (born 1970) is a professor of semiotics at New Bulgarian University and Department Chair of the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies. His interest in semiotics dates back to the early 90s when, as a student in Bologna he attended the courses of Prof. Ugo Volli and Prof. Umberto Eco. Bankov graduated in 1995 and has since taught semiotics at NBU. In 2000 he defended a doctoral thesis at Helsinki University under the guidance of Prof. Eero Tarasti. In March 2006 he was awarded the academic title “associate professor in semiotics” and in 2011 he became full professor of semiotics. Currently Professor Bankov is the Secretary General of the International Association for Semiotic Studies,

The scientific interests of Prof. Bankov comprise semiotics of marketing and advertising, sociosemiotics, consumer culture, new media and digital culture. Kristian Bankov is the author of four books and numerous articles.

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