What Are You Most Looking Forward to at Semiofest, Toronto?

We asked our Semiofest 2017 speakers what they are most looking forward to at Semiofest, Toronto, and to our surprise, we are now even more excited than we were before! Here’s what they told us:

Tim Stock

Beyond the great people and brilliant conversations, I am really looking forward to the conference bringing attention to Canada and North America more broadly. Especially in these times, we need a global perspective on semiotics.  Semiofest has been and continues to be a great champion of this.  

Tim is be presenting “Cultural Dissociation and the Semiotics of Trump” at Semiofest 2017. Find Tim online on LinkedInTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, and timstock.net.

Gabriela Pedranti

Sharing, thinking and getting inspired, as I always do when I go to Semiofest!

Gabriela will presenting “The Medium is the Message…So Let’s Take Advantage of That!” at Semiofest 2017. Find Gabriela online on Twitter, LinkedIngabrielapedranti.com, and semioticastudio.com.

Dimitar Trendafilov

First of all, I’m extremely happy that I will have an opportunity to see in Toronto so many members of our semio-community in one place, and some of the biggest names in the discipline as well. As to the presenrations at Semiofest, they are always highly informative and inspiring for me.

Dimitar will be presenting “Applying the Semiotic Nonagone in Brand Semioshere” at Semiofest 2017. Find Dimitar online on Twitter and Blogspot.

Mariane Cara

Semiofest is a great place to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about Applied Semiotics and an opportunity to celebrate Semiotic Thinking with friends and colleagues from around the world. This year’s  event will be particularly special for 2 main reasons:

  1. The engaging theme Media, Messages and Meanings and the resultant expressions that will be presented & discussed;
  2. The top keynotes – featuring Marcel Danesi, Laura Oswald, Paul Bouissac and Paul Manning.

Mariane will be presenting “The Semiotic Layers of Instagram” at Semiofest 2017. Find Mariane online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at comunicara.com.br.

Mark Lemon

It’s always great to get a chance to meet and socialize with others working in the industry and pushing semiotics forward, and of course listen to all the inspiring presentations and great new ideas!

Mark will be presenting “Packing in Meaning—Applying Jakobson’s Model of Communication to Pack Design” at Semiofest 2017. Find mark online on Twitter and WordPress.

Ximena Tobi

Semiofest is “my” annual meeting. I’m looking forward to meet you all and feel, once again, that we belong to a community.

Ximena is presenting “The Medium is the Message…So Let’s Take Advantage of That!” at Semiofest 2017. Find Ximena online on Twitter, LinkedInximenatobi.com.ar, and semioticastudio.com.

Josh Glenn

Meeting colleagues from around the world — some of whom I’ve collaborated with on projects, others of whom I’d like to. Also looking forward to Chris Arning’s animated movie!

Josh is presenting “Semiotic Audit of Family Activity Guide Book Category—Resultin in UNBORED Franchise” at Semiofest 2017. Find Josh online on LinkedIn and semiovox.com.

Thank you Tim, Gabriela, Dimitar Mariane, Mark, Ximena, and Josh for your responses!

What are you most looking forward to at Semiofest 2017? Comment below!